Resizing footer widget area – possible?

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    Hello everyone,

    currently I’m trying to modify Graphene a bit to suit to my needs. One of them is that I’d like to have a footer widget area to have the same width as content on every site. Is this possible to achieve? Screenshot and explanation:

    I would be nice, if jquery menu I use would overlay footer widget, because atm whole bottom part of page is just going down when I click menu.

    Best regards!

    Prasanna SP

    #sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap {
    width: 400px;

    Of course change the width to suite your needs.

    (I hope you know how to use CSS codes. If not, paste the code in your child theme’s stylesheet or go to Graphene Options –> Display and paste the above code in Custom CSS



    Worked nice, thanks a lot! But now, how to align it to the right? (Sorry, not much knowledge about CSS :|)

    Prasanna SP


    add float: right;



    Yay! I’ve tried it, but probably miss spelled something there. Works simply perfect now.

    I would go back to my second question above, is there a way to lock it’s postition, so when I click menu button it will open without moving this field.

    Prasanna SP


    Sorry, but I didn’t understand what are you trying to do. Please give your site’s URL.

    Yeah, you can do anything if you know jQuery, Ajax, CSS etc.. (At least the basics of those things.)



    My website url is On left menu click “Oferta” and will see.

    Prasanna SP


    Would you mind if I reply tomorrow? Hmmm… It’s 11:06 PM here.. Gotta sleep now to keep myself alive.. 🙂



    Sure. It’s pretty late here as well 😉



    Hmmm… you are kind of in a pickle. The footer widget area is meant to display just above the footer area. So, as your content area changes in height, your footer widget area will adjust accordingly.

    Perhaps you could use the dropdown option instead of the expand/collapse option on the menu??

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