Resized theme, now slider images tile.

  • Craighwk


    I had a big post about the slider, but I think it’s just user error. Since this post is here anyway, I will ask: If you resize the overall theme (2 column and body is now 1060 in total width) will the slider image correctly compensate for the size change as long as the image is large enough?

    I ask because I swear this thing keeps tiling on me even though the image is wider than the slider window. Going to try a few more images though.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Hard to tell without seeing your site, but the answer to your question is probably no. If your images were precisely sized to fit your slider with your old width, then they are probably not wide enough for the new width.



    Yah, sorry for the lack in more information. The site is

    I just wiped out all the media images for the slider and uploaded an image over 2048x in size and the slider still downsizes it to the point it tiles over. I’m going to try to crop it so it’s shorter, but not any less wide.

    Slider position #2



    Okay so if I crop down the image, it then seems to be okay if it’s still wide enough. The original image upload apparently was…too big? I don’t know, but crop seems to work although the positioning is messed up. That’s my deal to figure out, I guess. 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, the image for “Events” looks good.



    Yah, this is clearly just a user issue and your advice in the thread down below will probably fix my issues. Sorry about that.


    Kenneth John Odle


    There’s always a learning curve. Keep trying and let us know when you get stuck!



    Hello, I have same problem. I made 3 columns (180|600|180). I also prepared preciselly 600×240 featured images for slider. It worked in start great, but when I put more content (categories, posts, menus etc.), slider stopped worked properly. It cropped all 600×240 images to width of 470px and tiled them to the and of 600px. I tried everything, css and few php files to modify (not pro in WP :P) but nothing. It is 470px mistery for me which complicate all other site design. I’m using WP-3.3.1.

    As I see, upper user’s site’s ( 1st slider image is still tilled, but not others, and in my case all of them are 470 instead 600px. I used some other slider widget to do this but… I wonder can default slider work fine???

    PS: Great work graphene theme, 1 of the best really, but I lost too much time with that slider, and I would like to get some really simple and helpful tips, TNX


    Syahir Hakim


    @boki4323, try replacing the theme’s include/theme-setup.php file with the updated one here:



    Ty Syahir very very much for that, i tested it, and for now it’s working perfect, now I can simply use your default slider and set widget space below it to place wp-category-posts-list widget in homepage (I don’t need default excerpts – I need them categorized).

    Now only if u have time to answer, I found some way to not to show excerpts in home page, but is there some easy clean and proper way to that? – as I mentioned before I need on homepage just what wp-category-posts-list widget does.

    Ty for best theme and support.

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