Resize header image with no child?

  • buxton161



    Is there a simple way to resize the header without creating a child theme?

    A way to add size maybe in header.php?

    I widened the template and just want the header to be the same width as the site.

    Thank you in Advance.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you are using 1.6 the theme will adjust the header width automatically, and if you are using 1.7, it will adjust the header width and height automatically.

    It is still up to you to supply the appropriately sized header image, however.



    This is Not the case. There is at least 2.5″ on each side blank.

    As the banner is centered and cut off by default.


    Syahir Hakim


    Erm, inch really have no meaning in websites, as monitors with different sizes and resolutions will each display different absolute length. Pixels is the more suitable unit.

    That aside, you’ll need to go to WP Admin > Appearance > Header and upload your header again. If you’re using the default headers supplied with Graphene, they won’t be resized, simply because it’ll make them pixelated and just look ugly.

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