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    I’m building a new site. Using two columns, left wide and right narrow. Had just one widget in the right column and it was working fine.

    This morning I adjusted the width of the columns, narrowing the right column, (still plenty wide to insert items) and now nothing will go in that column. The theme is placing all widgets beneath items on the wider, left column.

    If I change to the three column format, it WILL place the widget in the side column, but nothing will go in the right column no matter how wide I make it. (I’m careful to stay under the maximum width of the page)

    Doesn’t appear to be a plug in conflict, as I deactivated all and still have the problem.

    Any thoughts?




    Follow up. I’ve found I can make it work but only by making the right column 300 px wide. About 80 px wider than I’d like. Until I make it that size however, I get zero results.



    Kenneth John Odle


    It could be that one of your widgets is predefining a width or has an unclosed <div>. Try making it the width that you want and then adding widgets one at a time to see if that is the case.

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