Reproducing Graphene styles

  • Moogster10


    Hi there, back for more fun. This time I am asking advice prior to any site creation. I have to create 4-5 sites which should have roughly the same styling. If I design the first site to completion – what advice can you offer on exporting that style into the next 3 sites.

    Would that be a case of taking the style css files and replacing it into the other blog folders? I roughly suspect how this can be done – it would be nice to hear some definitive advice before I start.

    Thanks in advice for you time and advice.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Just use a child theme. You can then use that child theme with as many sites as you want. This way, you can avoid editing theme files, which avoids problems and also makes updates a piece of cake.


    Kenneth John Odle


    And to avoid other issues, please use an updated version of Graphene, not the ancient one you have now.



    I shall. Thanks for this.


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