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  • KingSwiff


    A few weeks ago I asked how to make an image in the slider larger:

    Larger image in slider

    Nobody seems to could help me, therefor I found a slider (Meta Slider) where I could make an image with my text and a larger image. Everything was good, I made new slides, testing, compared to my graphene-slider and found what I was looking for…. until I removed the graphene-slider, my new slider was gone too 🙁

    I used action hooks graphene_before_slider and …. and… graphene_after_slider nothing works!

    I have tried everything and I can get the new slider everywhere – but not where I want it.

    It there something to do, what I haven’t seen? Any other ideas?



    Kenneth John Odle


    How did you “remove” the Graphene slider?

    How do you place the Meta Slider? With a shortcode? Or does it just show up automatically?



    I deactivate the Graphene slider in settings and use a shortcode for the Mete slider.

    Right now you can see both sliders here:

    The shortcode I have put in the action hock graphene_after_slider nothing, and when I deactivate the Graphene slider, the Meta slider diapers too.

    I did also tried graphene_before_content but then the side-menu will be pushed down the height of the slider.



    Im a happy camper now :))

    After testing and testing I finally know, that you can remove the Graphene slider and put the shortcode from the Meta slider into the action hock graphene_index_pre_loop … and tadaaa the Meta slider will be on the frontpage 🙂

    Thanks for trying Kenneth.

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