Renaming "Blogroll" to "Helpful Web Links"

  • brentwz


    We’d like to rename “Blogroll” to “Helpful Web Links” on 1 of our Graphene-themed sites.

    Where can I find this label to update, what code do I type into a child theme file, & what child theme file do I type it into (functions.php maybe) ?

    Thanks for any assistance with clear directions, folks.

    Jon Lynch


    I think this should give you the answer




    Some themes add the Blogroll by default, as Jonlynch says (in his link). To change this, In your dashboard go to widgets and add the Links widget to any sidebar, named as you want and you will get your problem fixed



    Now why didn’t I think it was a WordPress adjustment? Duh!

    Done now & perfecto. Many thanks, mate.

    PS Jon, really love your use of Graphene theme for your volunteer rescue website Can I ask: How did you do the fancy bits in the menus, eg. Incidents etc, & Sunrise/Sunset? You can email me at brent @, ta.


    Kenneth John Odle



    Check on this page in the Showcase:

    Completely agree with you: Jon does some great stuff.



    Jon Lynch


    Yes as I put in the other thread I used action hooks and php in my functions.php.

    To add the suntimes I used add_action('graphene_top_menu', 'wmrt_sun_times_display', 19); and then wrote a function called wmrt_sun_times_display to do the output.

    This sort of thing will be much easier in graphene 1.5 where the theme options will give the ability to add code to action hooks without messing with a functions.php.



    Hey, folks, informative reading for a non-coder like me. Still, I think I’ll leave this stuff to you … wherever possible 😉

    I prefer to do sales & SEO & customer-orientated things; all my fortes.

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