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    Wonder if somebody could help.

    I am working on a website and only require widgets on side bar widget area on the homepage. I have therefore used Widget Logic and inserted relevant conditions in order that widgets are removed on all other pages.

    When I click on the other pages I see the content area, which only stretches up to where the widget area was. Is there a way that I can extend this across the whole width of the webpage for specific pages.

    Any advice appreciated.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you using a static home page? If so, rather than use Widget Logic (which is a great plugin), instead use Graphene’s Alternate front page widget area, select a two-column set up for your static home page, and a single-column setup for the rest of the site.




    That’s why you guys are excellent at what you do thanks.

    However, It is only 1 page that I need to remove the sidebar from. All other pages will use different widgets for different pages. Is there therefore away that I can just fill the content area for 1 page?

    Thanks and any help appreciated.



    Kenneth John Odle


    If it is a page, then yes, you can just select the format you want for that page. If it’s a post, it will take some custom css.



    Its a page mate, static website with no blog content. How do i select the format for page please.

    Thanks Kenneth



    Sorted it. Thanks Ken

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