Removing upper right rounded corner on front page

  • Jane_Howitt



    Love the theme, and this forum!

    I would like to remove the right rounded corner on the main page main content window. I saw a post about removing it from the Post pages, but I cannot find the same code in the css for the main page. Can you tell me what to add to the child css? Thanks!!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try using Firebug. Without seeing your website and seeing what layout you have, it’s a little difficult to say.

    If you follow this post, you can see the CSS I used to add rounded corners, so you can use it to take them off.





    Great – thank you that helped me a lot – love what you have done with the theme too – I’m sure I can learn a lot from your site.

    Thanks again!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Thanks. I try to help people in a way that they learn something, too, so feel free to borrow whatever I’ve done and adapt it to your own purposes.

    Include a link to your site sometime so we can see what you’re up to.


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