Removing unwanted text displaying

  • maniko


    how do i get rid of the “enter the text or html code” message that is displaying when I publish the site.

    This message is showing up on all the pages.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Comments Display Options. Untick the box.



    It doesnt work


    Kenneth John Odle


    Be sure to click “save” and then refresh your browser cache (and server cache, if you have one).



    Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I tried many times to do everything but is always remain text “enter the text or html code”.



    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure what you’ve done, but I can’t click on your posts to actually go to that page.

    What modifications have you made to your site?



    yes, its difficult to say what i changed. I mean i changed a lot but at the same time nothing special however and the text “enter the text or html code” appear all time on each page.



    I resolve a problem, it was plugin

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