Removing the word "Category", "Tag" before the category/tag name, etc.

  • Alex75017


    Hi everyone,

    I’m going nuts with my fruitless efforts to find a way to remove the words “Category”, and “Tag” before the category/tag name on the archive pages that are titled like :

    “TAG : TAG NAME”

    whereas I just want
    “TAG NAME”

    I looked into various files such as loop.php in the folder “inc”, functions.php, category.php, etc, but I could not find a line to edit to solve my pb…

    The same goes for the post data where I would like desesperately to remove “filed under” before the category name. I managed to do it by editing the loop.php file in the folder “inc” on one of my blogs but for some reason it does not work for my other blog 🙁

    If anyone could provide me with any advice, guidance to achieve those little adjustments, I would be more than grateful ! 🙂

    Thank you so much in advance and have a good day !

    Alexandra (from Paris/France)


    Syahir Hakim


    You can use the following plugin to translate or modify the theme’s text strings without modifying the theme’s files:



    Thank i don t want to translate them, I want to remove them please ?



    To remove the ‘CATEGORY:’ part open category.php

     <h1 class="page-title archive-title">
                printf( __( 'Category: <span>%s</span>', 'graphene' ), single_cat_title( '', false ) );

    and replace with

     <h1 class="page-title archive-title">
                printf( __( '<span>%s</span>', 'graphene' ), single_cat_title( '', false ) );
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