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    Hi I am trying to make my blog / site look more website orientated than blog. My question is how do I get rid of the posts pane on the home page.

    jump on there you will see what I mean.

    Most infuriating as I’m not stupid as we use WP for our company site without any problems, its now driving me a little loopy though.

    Somebody please help





    Graphene Options –> Homepage panes –> Disable homepage panes (Hit Save Options)



    I also have the same problem and disabling the Homepage panes doesn’t solve it. I am trying to remove the post or page that appears on the front page. Even when no page is selected I still see a search area that says “Not Found.” I only want to show the slider and widget sidebar, nothing else. Is this possible?


    Kenneth John Odle



    See this post:

    You will need to “view source” or better yet, use Firebug, to find the post number.



    Thanks so much! That was exactly the information I was looking for!

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