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  • roidna


    I am a newbie. Please excuse the basic questions.

    I am trying to build a site ( for a friend.

    When choosing a static homepage the theme requires that I also designate a post-page.

    In my case “Home” is the homepage and “Showcase” is the post page.

    My questions:

    1) How do I eliminate this? (If I only want static pages, I do not want posts)

    2) If I do use a post-page – How do I eliminate post titles in that page?

    Thank you in advance,


    Kenneth John Odle

    How do I eliminate this? (If I only want static pages, I do not want posts)

    Do not use posts; only use pages. See the article on my blog for the difference between pages and posts.



    Thank you very much Kenneth for the answer. However, I am having a slightly different problem (or perhaps I am just too novice to get it…):

    The template “makes” me designate a post-page when I designate a static homepage.

    Then that page appears on my site (on the top menu) – In my case the “showcase” page in

    Can I not have that page appear there? Or can I somehow not designate a post-page?

    Thank you again,


    Kenneth John Odle


    In that case, use a custom menu. There is a tutorial on my blog that teaches you how to do this step-by-step.



    Thank you again Kenneth. That really almost did the trick. I added a custom menu to the “Graphene top menu” area (by using a widget). However, now under the menu there are still links to the original menu (appearing as text links):

    Do you perhaps know how do I remove these?

    Thank you for getting me this far!



    Sorry! I got it 🙂

    I just needed to insert the custom menu into the correct place (Graphene default menu).

    Now that this has been done it works.

    Thanks again for all the help.



    Sorry again…

    It is still not working… And it does not matter whether I change the “Graphene default menu” or “Graphene top menu”. In both cases I get the the following two problems:

    1) I get the writing I mentioned

    2) I cannot “not” have the posts page appear. If I leave it out of the custom menu, it still appears on its own for some reason…

    What am I doing wrong???



    Sorry. This was a mistake.


    Syahir Hakim


    You’re making it way more difficult than it is. Have a read through Ken’s tutorial on Custom Menu and you’ll figure it out.



    Thank you.


    You guys rock!

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