Removing gray borders from table cells on affiliate site

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    Haven’t been in here for awhile. Nice updated forum, Syahir!

    Testing affiliate product updates on, we have products being automatically added via php code to this page, fed in via our affiliate account in

    However, all table cells around text & products have light grey borders around them which we want to remove. In the preview window within our account, the products display WITHOUT these grey borders. In fact, we can’t add grey borders there. We just get the generated php code & insert it into our WP site page using a basic php code insert plugin.

    How can we remove these grey borders site-wide, as they look pretty ugly? I’m only guessing that it’s a style setting within Graphene, because building & running online sales sites are our forte, NOT code stuff.

    Syahir, I can give you a temp admin login if you need it, as I still have your email address from when you customised this theme colour-wise for us way back when. Just let me know, thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Those borders are not added by the theme, but try inserting this into the theme’s Custom CSS option to remove it:

    #view .pl .t1 .bdr {
    border: none !important;



    Thanks, Syahir, I did that but it didn’t affect the GoldenCan’s PHP page.

    However, it DID remove the grey borders from my Datafeedr affiliate pages, which is good!

    I think I’ll try putting the PHP back into the site using an inline frame. That’s how I did it a few months ago & I don’t remember seeing grey borders then.

    Looking forward to Graphene’s new ability to add colours to the menus! (WordPress’s biggest fault is twenty years after the Internet comes of age commercially, it doesnt do coloured menus natively.)

    Keep up the good work on Graphene, mate.

    PS How’s the studying coming along… nearly there?


    Syahir Hakim

    PS How’s the studying coming along… nearly there?

    Getting there. Last semester starts next week now meaning lots of work and no time lol




    I am having the same problem. I put the text into the .css and nothing changed the light grey borders are still there.

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