Removing default header images entirely

  • JDriver


    Hi, apologies if this has been answered but I’ve searched and couldn’t find the solution.

    Essentially I’m trying to remove all trace of the default header images and replace them with a selection of my own images which I can then have on the random setting.

    I tried using ftp to delete the image files but the radio buttons in the ‘Header’ options remain, and when the random option is selected the site still tries to retrieve them, leaving me with a missing image.

    A work around has been to replace the files with my own, but keeping the default file names, though this is a less-than-elegant solution. Also, any files uploaded using the header upload option don’t appear to be included.

    Any thoughts?


    Syahir Hakim


    If you’re using a child theme, add this code into your child theme’s functions.php file:

    function graphene_get_default_headers(){



    That’s great. It seems to have done the job. Thanks for your help and thanks for a great theme. Cheers.

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