Removing code for a promotion that I know longer want

  • klrich810


    I learned my lesson, NEVER add something to the template when you’re not an expert. …

    So, I have looked at every line of text from each template in the editor and I still don’t see what I need to remove. It appears at the bottom of each “page” or Tab and the drop downs of each, except Home and it is above the footer. My blog is if you want to see it live.

    I want this “Casa Sablica, a luxurious Caribbean villa fitted with pretty much all the characteristics & amenities you would like to have in your dream vacation, is waiting for you! Win a 7 nights dream vacation on Curacao Vacation Accommodation!” gone !! HELP Please.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you drop that into Graphene’s AdSense option, by any chance?

    Moved to Support.



    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for your response I had my Adsense deactivated. I activated it but don’t see it in the editor either.



    By looking at the source of your page, I can say that it is coming from Graphene Adsense option. Go to Graphene Options –> Adsense Options and remove everything from Your Adsense code field.



    Would I look in the Plugins ?



    I found it – Thanks a bunch!



    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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