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    I have selected a Static First page. I have gone under Edit Page / Screen Options / 1 column for all my pages, but I still have the Archives and Meta in the right sidebar. I don’t want it on any page. Help please!





    One, I think. When I edit any of my pages, select Screen Options from the upper right corner, they are all set to 1 columns.



    Press the link I send You 🙂

    And look for column settings.




    THANKS Kim! That worked. I don’t know how I missed that option, I thought I had looked at everything…still a newbie. Really appreciate your quick help on this one.



    Hi … I really like this theme but have a few questions. To start, I want a two column setup, but this site will be an e-commerce site and will not have blog posts to display, so no archive is needed. How do I remove the “Archives” from the right navigation? And how do I remove #, # Posts RSS, # Comments RSS and # Powered by WordPress from the Meta widget?





    Just remove “Archives” Widget 🙂

    Try install This “Meta” Widget plugin:

    Enhanced Meta Widget


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