Remove Underline from Titles, Permalinks and Block Buttons

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    Hello Everyone,

    As usual, thanks for such an incredible theme. I love it!

    I have one question: I am trying to underline all the links on a few of my sites. I have tried a few different ways, including this topic, and this topic.

    My problem is this: I don’t want the Child Page permalinks to be underlined, or the block buttons. You can see on my site that the child page titles and buttons are underlined as well as the links. I know there’s a way to fix it, and I’ve looked all over the forum (I apologize if it’s covered anywhere that I didn’t find). If any of you have any insight, that would be fantastic!

    Thank you!

    – Susanna


    Kenneth John Odle


    Since the only links you want to be underlined are in paragraphs, just add p to your code:

    .entry-content p a, .entry-content p a:hover etc.



    Thanks for the answer!

    That is definitely better, but the block buttons are still underlined. And, I would love to have links in the h2, etc. underlined as well. Sorry if this is a basic question – I’m getting much better at code, but still not quite there!

    Your fix is much better than it was before, though. Thank you!



    So, I figured out how to underline links in h3 (I decided that’s the only h tag where I need to have links underlined). I just copied the code, but substituted h2 for p.

    .entry-content h3 a, .entry-content h3 a:hover, .entry-content h3 a:visited {
    font-weight: normal;
    text-decoration: underline;

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