remove the sidebar only in the post.

  • tatiana


    hello i’m an italian girl and i need really your help, in my blog i need to remove the sidebar only in my post, if you can see my blog wen you open the post, the sidebar is down and i don’t want this or maybe if is possible i want put the sidebar in the normal position like the first page but i don’t know wath do, i’m not a programmer you can write me please the code css or where i need to modify this? is very urgent

    my configuration now is this and i need to change the sidebar post configuration from here, i try to do by graphene option but don’t work

    thank you so much and have a nice day 😉



    You are using a very old version of Graphene Theme. Consider updating it to latest version.



    i can’t update because the last time i update i’m loose hall, please you can help me with the code? thank you



    i solved the problem thank you, i reinstall de teme and now the configuration is ok.



    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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