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    What a great theme, I’m new to this WordPress thing but really like it and find it easy to use! I’m learning so much but its great to have such a community feel. So, I have a question, how do I remove the Strapline (if that’s what its called). At the moment it reads ‘Just Another WordPress Site’, can that be changed / removed?

    thank you in advance.




    Hi Alan,

    This can be found in your admin panel. Settings => General Tab.

    At the top is “Site Title” and “Tagline”. You can change them both.

    And then in your Appearance => Graphene Options +> Display Tab => Test Style Options… you can change the style of the text of both areas.




    Thanks Josh!

    I must have seen that at some point when I changed the title.

    Been searching everywhere but there….

    thanks for your help.


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