Remove "Product Categories Archive:" from the product Category page

  • Rosy


    I have been able to remove the Archive reference on post category pages but for some reason this title is showing up in the Product Category.

    is there css or a simple way to remove “Product Categories Archive: ” from the title on category pages?

    problem on test site: ”

    what I’d like – no reference to archive like on my post category page: ”

    problem looks like:


    thanks! Rosy


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you using a child theme?

    Which plugin are you using to generate your online store?

    Have you seen this post?

    How did you make it disappear here:



    hi again Kenneth

    I am using the marketpress plugin to generate the store and it is the 3rd one i’ve tried and is looking the best so far which is why i am trouble shooting so much ….

    I made that part of the Archive header disappear from the post category pages by removing “Category Archive:” from this line in the category.php file and copying it to my child theme folder – but it is not changing my product category pages that still show the “Category Archive: in the heading – I would rather not remove the top heading altogether but if I can’t find a simple fix I may do that:

    printf( __( ‘ Category Archive: <span>%s</span>’, ‘graphene’ ), single_cat_title( ”, false ) );

    I tried the information in the reference link you mention and it does not work for me…

    thanks for all your efforts Kenneth!

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