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    Hi everybody!

    I am just beginning to understund little CSS and how it works…

    I tried to remove the post title shown in the slider by using

    .slider_post h2 {

    display: none;

    It worked well, but actually I wanted to remove the excerpts that show up in the slider without removing the post title.

    As I didnt find out how to do that, I removed titles and changed the excerpts into post titles…

    But with that solution I have no opportunity to use post excerpts on the front page e.g.

    What code would be needed instead of

    .slider_post h2 {

    display: none;

    to remove post excerpts in slider?

    (My page is



    Try this to remove by CSS post excerpts in slider

    .slider_post_entry{display: none}



    Since the last 2 updates in Graphene, this CSS code is not working. My slider shows the title and the excerpts. How can I eliminate that and get back to what it used to be with just the post title? The web site is

    Thanks in advance.


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