Remove 'Permalink To' wording from links

  • rodeboy


    Hi, I’ve spent ages trying to find the answer to this without luck, so will have to trouble you guys!

    On my site if I hover over the image/title in the panes on the homepage, or the thumbnails on ‘The Musicians’ page I get ‘Permalink To ???’

    How can I remove the words ‘Permalink To’ and just leave the title, or insert a preferred text like ‘Read more about ???’

    Can this be done by inserting something in Custom CSS?

    The thing is I’ve done it with the images on but for the life of me I can’t remember how!!

    Thanks, as ever,




    How embarrassing! Not only could I find it when I used the search facility, but when you point me to the answer I find that the original post was mine in the first place!

    Sorry to take up your time Prasanna.


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