Remove Loop (or newest post) on static two columned first site (Maincontent left)

  • Groca


    Hi there,

    I use WordPress 3.8, the theme Graphene is great and’m going to adapt it. Works quite well.

    I would really appreciate if someone could help me, thank you.

    Problem: On my static home page with two columns: the right colum is perfect (last posts, archive, etc.).

    Unfortunately, the last post is always below the maincontent of the page (left column), between content and footer, where can I hide it?

    Thank you for your assistance 🙂

    Angela (from germany, please accept my apologies for the terrible english)



    Go to Graphene Options –> Homepage panes and disable homepage panes.



    Thank you for your assistance. It works 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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