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    I want to replace the default image w/ markup & move the “Article Title”/H1 up. I found the code in header.php to replace/remove the header image so we’re good there. But I’m not sure where the H1 is being written – I think it is occurring in

    <div id="content-main">

    but I don’t know what file that’s in. Can someone help? When I find it, my expectation is that I’ll find a php method that I can call from header.php. If someone has a better solution I’d be open to hearing it. I already trying floating the H1 up w/ CSS but was left with an odd white space.





    A bit of an update. I can now create an h1 in the banner space the way I want to but am still looking to get access to the current article title h1. Where is <div id="content-main"> defined?



    Though painful, I was able to answer my own question which is always best. Should someone ever want to remove the header img & move the h1 up into the banner space, here’s how you would do it.

    • header.php – In the <div id="header"> you can stop wp from rendering the banner image & insert an h1. Assuming you still want to use the page name as the h1 you just need to <h1><?php echo get_the_title() ?></h1>.
    • loop-page.php – This is where you will find what I am referring to as the ‘lower h1’. This is where graphene will put your h1 by default. If you’re moving it up you’ll want to comment out this code so you don’t have duplicate h1’s. Blog posts are handled in a different page.
    • loop-single.php – This is where blog posts get there h1’s. Again, if you’re talking care of this in header.php you’ll want to remove the h1 so you don’t end up w/ duplicates.
    • loop.php – Don’t really need to do anything here but throwing it in for good measure. Graphene, by default, does appear to have an h1 on /blogs. Just h2’s that are used to list the individual blog posts. If you do want to tap into those h2’s you can do that here.

    There may be a better way of accomplishing my goal in wp but I couldn’t find it. Hope this helps.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Of course, you want to do this in a child theme, because if you don’t, your changes will be overwritten when you update the theme.

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

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