Remove Footer Nav Bar from Static Homepage?

  • The Freecyclist


    I apologize if this is elsewhere; I can’t find it in any of my searches.

    I’ve setup the static homepage, but I’d like to remove the footer nav bar from it to achieve a cleaner look. I’d still like those items to be on the blog & other pages…




    Do you want to hide footer itself on homepage?

    .home #footer {
    display: none;

    The Freecyclist


    I think so; I want to hide the area where it lists my widgets for archives, categories, etc. but just on the static homepage–I want as clean a look as possible there. The code above didn’t make any visible changes for my site. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help!



    Alternate front page widgets option is somewhere in Graphene options. Enable them and put nothing in that widget are. That solves your problem..

    The Freecyclist


    Beautiful; thank you so much!

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