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  • jenij


    I just want my slider images to slide away happily on their own!

    How do I get rid of the exerpt and the ‘view full post’ button please?

    and second quick question….

    If I’m using a 2 column setup for homepage, what width do my slider images have to be? At the moment, I’m using 660px but that’s obviously too big for the 2 col layout and my images are being cropped

    Many thanks in advance


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not on my home computer right now, so I can’t tell you exactly what to change, but try using Firebug to identify the excerpt and button on the slider. Then add

    .item {display:none;} to your custom css, replacing .item with whatever class those objects are.

    Alternately, you could search through the stylesheet for what you think might be the right items. Looking through that can also tell you the width you need in the slider.



    Fabulous – that all worked just perfectly!

    .full-sized .slider-entry-wrap {display:none;}

    (removed the text and the view full post button)

    .slider_nav {display:none;}

    (removed the little slider buttons)

    and… the full size image width when working with 2 cols is 630px

    Thank you – I’m most grateful for your speedy response…jeni



    That worked out great.

    Can someone point me to where the text is for the button??? I have been looking for it for a while now and no luck finding it. Id like it to say View more.

    Thanks, and thanks for this great pluggin

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