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    Hi all,

    I have the following issue.

    I want to remove the description when hovering over a menu item in the sitebar. I know I can deselect “Use description? use_desc_for_title” in the widget menu, but then the hover will give something like “All posts filled under….”. I also do not want to empty the description field, because I use it in my categoy overview.

    I also know I can use code like ‘.term-desc {display:none;}’ in my child CSS, but I do not want to get rid of the description in my category overview.

    So basically, I want to have no description when hovering over the sitebar, or have the title displayed instead of the description (for the description is way too long to use). Is there some way to do this using the child CSS? I can change it in the WordPress code, but I want the change to be forever and still be able to update.

    Hope I am clear and somebody knows how to do it. I have been playing with the child CSS, but no luck yet.

    Thanks and thanks for the great theme!




    I have found a solution for this, using a replace function to strip the hover text.

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