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    Hi all.

    I can remove the border around all images, but I like the border, except for one image – how can I remove border on just one image?

    On the images I can put a CSS style, but can’t make it work.

    Have tryed wirh

    border= 0;
    border= none;




    These are not CSS codes. Link to the page with the image?



    No, just an image, no link.


    Kenneth John Odle

    No, just an image, no link.

    He means “please post an image to the page where this image is” so that he can provide the proper code for it.

    WordPress assigns a unique ID to almost everything. You can add a border to a single instance of something by using CSS that targets its unique ID.

    See this post:



    Ahhh, thank you, very good article! And it took me half way. The border is gone, but there is still something around the image:

    I used this code:

    .page-id-179 .entry-content img,
    .child-page img {
    border: 0px;
    margin: 0px;



    Okay, the border disappeared – even when the “invisible border” didn’t, but my question was to remove the visible border, so I consider the problem as solved, and now the topic is closed.

    Thanks again!

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