Remove all widgets from front page?

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    I’m trying to create a front page without any widgets. I’ve got a static home, tried using the front page widget area, but can’t get the widget area empty. I would prefer to keep a two column layout on all other pages, but I’ll ditch that idea if I have to.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.




    1. You’re using static front page. So, you can select one column, no sidebars layout for your front page.

    2. Enable alternate front page widget and add a blank text widget to it. It may remove the Meta and Archives widget.



    Thanks, but how do I select the one column layout for front page only?



    Under edit page, you have Template drop down menu located on the right side. In that menu you can choose “One column, no sidebar”.

    I hope that I’m pointing you right, my WP is on Croatian language 😉



    Pages –> (Your) Static Front Page –> Quick Edit –> Template –> One column, no sidebars



    Thanks, gents!

    (I’m such a dunce for not seeing that.)

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