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    I’m trying to recreate something that I did before. You can see a captured version on the wayback machine here

    Without doing any fancy coding or using complicated plugins or widgets, I got the slider between the front page content, and the front page panes. I thought there was a forum post about this, but I can’t find it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support.

    In Graphene Slider options, there is an option to move the slider to the bottom of the page. Is that it?



    Yes and no. I had previously managed to get the slider in between the normal static page content, and the home page panes. See the rather lousy site I was playing with at the time in the previous post^ Since I really don’t know much about coding, about the only thin I might have done was to move a line or two of code, but more likely it was some combination of un/checked boxes that resulted in the layout. Now that I’m trying to replicate the layout, I’m stumped as to how I managed to get it to do it before.



    I’ve now got something that looks like the slider, but doesn’t work, located where I want it. I’m using an action hook and I’m trying to use the php widget to put the code into it. This is the closest looking bit of code I could find to try and make the slider work:

    add_action( 'graphene_before_homepage_panes', 'graphene_display_slider',11 );

    If I take out the 11, nothing shows up at all, and playing with different numbers doesn’t alter the result.

    Enabling or disabling the slider also does not alter the result, just puts the proper working slider at the top like it is supposed to. In other words, the slider itself is working, if I get the correct code to make it show up and work properly where I want it to.

    I am on the right track with this? Or is there some dark mysterious coding secret that I am not privy to?

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