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    At the top of the blogposts, you see the name of the author, linking to the authorpage. That’s great, but I would like to add the rel=”author” to that link (since Google can then display the image of the author before the searchresults).

    Is there a way to realize that?




    In addition to my question: I upgraded to wordpress 3.3.2 and I can see they updated the_author_posts_link in author-template.php so that the rel=”author” is automatically added.

    So my question is: I assumed Graphene (1.6, that’s still my current version) makes use of the same function (the_author_posts_link) from the core WordPress files, but apparently it isn’t?



    I just looked at my Beta site running Graphene 1.7 with WordPress 3.3.2, and the rel=”author” is in the links. My production site is still running an older, different theme (based off of Twenty Ten), and the tag is not there even though it is also on WordPress 3.3.2.

    Based on that, the function you refer to is not called in building of that link. I looked at Graphene’s loop.php and found where it builds the HTML for the link, and the rel=”author” string is in there.



    @On_The_Spot Thank you very much! In the loop.php, but also the loop-single.php, I discovered the code where the author byline is made up. There I added the rel=”author”, and that works great.

    When I move to Graphene 1.7 this code will be overwritten, but I understand from your observation that the rel=”author” is added in 1.7 anyway.


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