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    Hey Guys,

    I have been trying to get a Related Post Plugin to work for the past few days, and I seem to be having some issues with my theme, I installed this on another friends blog yesterday and it worked fine. I have tried three different plugins as well:

    1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – Best Option

    This one will only display “Related Post” on post, but once activated it crashes the RSS Feed all together, the RSS Feed will not come up at all when this one is installed.

    2. Better Related Content

    This one will work and show “Related Post” on the Post, but will not show on the RSS Feed, but it does not crash the feed.

    3. WordPress Related Posts

    Currently, I have this one Activated, and its doing the same thing as #2.

    Ideally I would like something that works with Post and the RSS-Feed. The benefit of a plugin like this is to helps with SEO big time, keeps the bots crawling and help boost you SEO.

    Any help on suggestions is appreciated!

    Thank you! ~ Mark



    I doubt any related post plugin will add the related post link in feed because they are not published with the original post. But, they add links with the http request.

    For RSS crash remedy, try Efficient Related Posts plugin. It gives a short code [relatedPosts]. Add this short code in graphene_after_post_content action hook area. I use the same.

    SEO is overhyped. None of the above tricks will boost your SEO.



    Hey Prasanna – Thank you so much for this plugin! I still cant get it to show the “Related Post” on the RSS tho, its showing on the Blog post but not on the RSS, even after I checked the box “Related Posts for RSS” Any idea why its not showing up?

    Thank you again!



    Syahir Hakim


    Try switching to the TwentyEleven theme and see if the issue persists.



    Hey Syahir – Thank you for the info!

    I tried the Twenty Eleven Theme and the problem is still there, while I was there I also tried deactivating all the plugins, Related post still not showing up in RSS.

    I also tried the Orginal Plugin I was trying to use “Yet Another Related Post Plugin” in the Twenty Eleven theme, and its still crashing the RSS Feed after I activate it, this is a weird one, since I knwo this plugin works on a friend site here:

    Oh well, if you have any other suggestions.

    Thank you again! ~ Mark


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you asked the plugin developer about it? They might know more as they are definitely most familiar with their own codes.


    Kenneth John Odle


    SEO is overhyped. None of the above tricks will boost your SEO.

    +1 to Prasanna!



    Thank you Syahir – I am going to try that, thank you so so much!

    Thank you Kenn & Prasanna. Yes, your both correct, Related Post alone will not help SEO, but its one of the very SMALL things that will keep the Google Bots crawling you site a little lnoger after a post, especially on the RSS Feed page. Now once we combine that with some of the other strategies I am about to roll out this weekend, watch whats about to happen with my sites SEO results in Google and the PageRank loll.

    For Example, take the keyword “Free Twitter Training” I am on the first page for does not even get that much searches, but I am already making money from it! (BTW: Kenn – You will see the Google AuthorShip show up in the search results you were helping me with, thanks again bro)

    Again, thank you all for your help. You guys ROCK and Graphene Theme ROCKS!

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