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    pl. check my site and take a look why slider of theme not working.


    Prasanna SP


    It seems you’ve disabled the slider.. To enable slider, go to “Graphene Options”–> “General”–> “Slider Options” and uncheck “Disable slider”. Then save options.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Not a bug, so moved to support.



    I have the same problem and my slider is not disabled 🙁 First the slider was white, then the homepanes disappeared altogether. Any ideas?




    I also have this problem. Currently I had my slider disabled because it won’t show anything. It’s only a white box with nothing in it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s because you might have an issue with the one of the widgets in your left sidebar that is preventing the rest of your page from loading. Try disabling the widgets on the left hand side one at a time to figure out which one is faulty.



    My box was white,but now even that has disappeared.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The slider uses jquery to display posts. If you have plugins that use jquery, such as “Accordion Image Menu” or “Fancy Box”, it may cause the slider to stop working. Try disabling those plugins and see if your slider functions again.



    tried – still no luck..


    Kenneth John Odle


    Empty your cache and reload the page.



    Tried, still doesn’t work. All of my widgets on the front page are text with html, or links. Any other ideas what it might be, ive tried diabling everything.



    Do you remember what you were doing when the slider stopped functioning normally?

    Ken is correct. 99% of the time when a slider begins malfunctioning, it is because of a rogue jquery script somewhere. It could be in your header, inserted by a plugin, or added yourself.

    When did you notice the slider issue, and were you working on anything at the time?



    ok I seem to have the rest of the page back, but the slider is still white..



    what should be done if a jquery script caused the slider to malfunction even if the plugin was already removed? i don’t think i have a plugin with jquery script, but i might have installed one before.



    If a plugin uses jquery, it will be removed when the plugin is deactivated. Plugins “hook” their jquery. If it is deactivated, the hook is removed.

    So, again, I know it’s a pain in the rear… but you really need to begin looking at your plugins. Deactivate them, one at a time, clear your browser cache between each plugin deactivation, and retest your slider.

    Honestly, 99% of the time it is a plugin causing the conflict.

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