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    I posted my site a couple of months back but I decided I hated it about a week ago and did a complete redo. See what you think. I am being really meticulous about the new design so any suggestion are greatly appreciated!



    If the slider is not there, my first expression was probably, “this guy is not using graphene theme!. Very well done.




    That’s my first impression too. I had to use firebug to see if it was graphene 🙂

    btw, there are still spam posts on some thread.


    Nice transformation.

    • The image you used in the BODY to show the green stripe is 1400×132.
    • If the screen resolution is smaller there would be horizontal scroll bars which is what I see on my screen.
    • If the resolution is bigger then the image will appear short.
    • I think it would be best if you used something like 50×132 then make it repeat horizontally.

    The way you made the header and the container appear connected, Why not try to do the same thing for the footer.


    btw, there are still spam posts on some thread.

    Okay, cleaned it up. Didn’t look at the resolved threads earlier!



    Thanks Ronangelo. Good suggestions… Great suggestions. I will toy around with that today.



    Ronangelo, I attempted to change the image I am using for the green stripe in the background. I changed the size exactly as you mentioned but I still seem to be getting the horizontal scroll bars on my browser window. Do you see this happening still on your end? If so, any suggestions? Thanks.



    Yes I still see it. I think it is caused by your plugin.

    The one that darkens the screen and shows a popup (I don’t really know it that’s a plugin).

    Try to disable it first and see if it really is the culprit.

    I think the dark “overlay” has a fixed width so when the theme loads it makes an allowance for that black screen.

    Maybe there’s a setting on that plugin that you can adjust.



    I figured it out. It was some crappy social sharing code I used in the Graphene Options and forgot to remove. Thanks for noticing that. I’ve been staring at this website for too many days in a row and haven’t been catching stupid stuff like that… Any other hard criticisms? I am going to play around with your footer suggestion.

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