Recommended eCommerce Plugin?

  • aziltz


    I’ve been using WooCommerce on my Graphene-themed website, and I’ve been using WooCommerce to manage products and use “add to cart” buttons.

    However, the WooCommerece shop page does not generate correctly in Graphene,

    and to be honest, I’m not super happy with WooCommerce in general. Are there any recommended plugins that gel better with Graphene?



    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t know why, but on that page you have two huge images that are being scaled down, instead of using thumbnails (adding to the page loading time), and one small image that is being scaled up, making it a different size than the other ones. Is this an artifact from WooCommerce.

    To be honest, I have seen a lot of complaints about various e-commerce plugins here and in other forums. It seems that they work well for the theme they were designed for, but not for any other. The fact that other themes exist seems to baffle their designers.

    I’ve used PayPal without any problem on a number of different sites. The advantage here is that your site’s theme controls the layout and appearance, so compatibility is not an issue. The disadvantage is that you have to go to PayPal, login, and create a different button for each item in your inventory. It’s a bit time-consuming, but I don’t know that it’s more time-consuming than dealing with all the headaches of a faulty plugin.

    Of course, PayPal takes their share, but they also handle credit and debit cards for you, they are a site that most people know and trust, and they make handling international orders a bit easier.



    thanks for the comments. I guess I didn’t realize what was causing problems with the pictures. That page is just a shortcode listing of all the products, but I couldn’t get it to function correctly. It doesn’t show all the products, and the sidebar get thrown underneath. Lots of things were wonky and I could not figure out why.

    I’ve used paypal buttons before on an iWeb site, and I was considering that as an alternative. I agree, it is a lot more time consuming to generate them, but in the end perhaps its for the best. I use paypal for payment anyway so I think I’ll shift back to it for buttons.

    thanks again.

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