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  • sylvia


    Is there a way to modify the recent posts widget so that I can pick which posts to display…possibly by ID #? And also display an image thumbnail in the widget….

    Or does anyone know of a plugin that can accomplish this?

    Basically I would like to display previews of a few posts in my right sidebar….and I want to be able to choose which posts. Almost like a featured posts plugin I guess…..I searched for one but couldn’t find anything decent…..anyone? Thanks


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try Kalin’s Post List plugin. It might be just what you are looking for, although you will need to play around with the settings.

    My tutorial is here:

    You can drag a text widget to wherever you would like and just type in the shortcode.

    possibly by ID #?

    I would use a specific category or tag to set this up.

    I just tried this out and it works great. Now I’ll have to rework some of my other widgets, because I like this way better.

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