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    I’m having problems with posts being dropped all of a sudden. For example, I went into the site today to correct some typo’s in a post that I posted a couple of days ago. I made the changes, clicked update to save the changes and the post disappeared. I had another instance last week where I went into the post to make changes, clicked on update and although the post itself didn’t disappear, all of the post content did – ie. I got a blank page.

    I do have some posts that are ‘scheduled’ Could it have anything to do with this? Perhaps trying to update a post at the same time another post is released from scheduling?

    Any suggestions?



    Any link/URL to the site in question 🙂







    Well, I dont think one post timestamp can change another post scheduled or not,

    other than sort order. Sometimes post can turn into draft & not showing up, but

    Hmm You just might have to make a small test post, then change timestamp a few

    times. Can You then see the post placed by timestamp or maybe category?



    Syahir Hakim


    This may be a WordPress issue rather than the theme’s. Try asking about it in the WordPress.org support forum?

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