Random header image updating to 1.9

  • grimores


    I have seen in the features of new graphene version that it’s removed the random header image. I have it implemented in 1.84 with more than 400 images. This means that if I upgrade this feature will not work?. I will have to load thie 400 images another time?. It would be disastrous for me.


    Kenneth John Odle



    Random header image is fully implemented in WordPress core; there is no need for the theme to provide the same feature.

    Feature is under Appearance >> Header



    But this means that I have to reupload the images in order to work?



    I have it implemented here. This is wordpress, not graphene menu?







    I have updated with no problems about random header, but the problem I had with the slider that didn’t work remains. In the features of the new version of the theme you said that this conflict with other plugins have been solved. Do you know the list of plugins that have this problem?



    That slider issue is generally caused by poorly coded plugins which load a different version of jQuery. Install this plugin to resolve jQuery conflict. http://wordpress.org/plugins/restore-jquery/



    I have installed this plugin and it continues without working


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