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  • seeker2734


    I’ve enabled the following print features in the Graphene Options General Tab:

    • Enable print CSS for single posts and pages?
    • Show print button

    Right now, the pages print with the background image included but not the white background of the page that is typically seen in a browser. This makes the text in the printout mostly unreadable.

    What is the best way to either:

    1. Suppress the printing of the background image, or
    2. Have the white background that normally appears on top of the background image for pages and posts viewed in the browser to also appear in the printout?



    Syahir Hakim


    What’s the URL to the page where this is happening?



    Unfortunately, the WordPress site I’m currently working on is a protected web site that only members of our organization have access to.

    What’s the best way for me to demonstrate the issue for you given that?

    Let me enable the print features on the public facing site ( and see if I get the same problem. That would at least give you a site that you can access to see the issue.




    Thanks for your patience.

    I’ve now enabled the same print features on the public site ( and am seeing the same results.

    Let me know if this helps you.



    Syahir Hakim


    I’m not seeing the issue when I try to print the page:

    In any case, usually whether or not to print the background depends on the settings in the browser, which by default is set to not print background images. Check your browser settings and see if it is so.



    Thanks for the quick response!

    Turning off the option to print the background in the browser did solve the problem.

    And now I feel a little silly for forgetting that setting (and that, unfortunately, it can’t be controlled through CSS).

    Thanks again!


    Syahir Hakim

    … (and that, unfortunately, it can’t be controlled through CSS).

    It can, actually. But we would rather leave that choice to the user rather than forcing it off.

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