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    I was hoping one of the moderators could answer two questions for me. For one, I know that Syahir uses Hostgator as his hosting provider. Do you guys know if this forum itself is powered with the Graphene theme, and also what package this site uses? I’ve had the basic baby croc package at HG and it’s not sufficient for a serious site, but I do not want to over-do it for a start-up either.

    This site has numerous simultaneous visitors at any given time and has no problems with speed, so that’s the reason for my asking. I was thinking maybe VPS level 3 or 4 to begin with. What do you think?

    Finally, if this site uses page-navi, how did you get the page navigation to look so neat? I guess I could do that with some CSS.

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer. Much appreciated.



    Syahir has his sites on ServInt not HG

    This site runs on bbPress. Syahir himself coded the theme for this site. Though the name is same, “Graphene”

    Those page navi buttons are the part of the bbPress core functions. CSS needed to style them though.

    This site uses Moderation Toolkit, Akismet, Signature, Thread status and other modules.

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