Question on Div closing tags

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    On my homepage for example , I have titles : Dentistry, Fitness, and Fitness videos on top of some blocks , and I added all the codes for these blocks through my homepages html view.

    BUT The titles are not coming out “fat and thick” like they are supposed to UNLESS before my content on my html view the first thing I type is </div> ( a closed div with nothing behind it , no open div) An Example : </div> MY HTML CODE FOR MY PAGE . So when I click preview page my titles follow my child theme CSS and become nice and thick BUT it ruins my custom footer but extending my custom footers top border across the screen to the background.

    How can I fix this ? I don’t know why a closed div tag with no code in front gets it to appear to work at the cost of messing up the look of other things ?

    Thanks for any help

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