Proper code for Google+ to be appear on each post?

  • sanujams



    First of all, THANK YOU soo much for the free theme. I am even going to buy the mobile version as soon as I am done with my summer classes. 🙂

    Regrading Google+. According the Google Webmaster guide line, each post should contain, Google Plus Author Link with the ” rel=”author”. I created a custom top bar icon with the info but Google test failed.

    So, I had to go with a plug-in:

    This plug-in adds a link at the end of the each post with

    Which works fine, but I would like to suggest that may be you can implement this in the next update.

    THANK YOU for such a great theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    Since this feature is already available through the plugin you mentioned, and that it works perfectly, there’s really no need to include it with the theme.



    Thanks for the response. I was just a suggestion… Yes, I am happy with the plugin.

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