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    First I wanted to thank you for having created that theme, it has severakl usefull options and until now I was verry happy with it.

    Today I tried to add a linkedin button at the top in the page, I went to the options page and entered a link. But the icon was to small, when I tried to go back to the options page I couldn’t use it. The page starts to appear but after a few seconds it stops loading the bottom of the page and make the browers stops working. I tried to have access several times but to no avail. There’s no error message.

    What’s more the pages are now ordered by alphabetical order in the menu of the website, and not by the order given.

    Yesterday I have installed the latest version (1.5.3 from the previous one), I tried several web browsers.

    My site is

    Thanks in advance!!



    Hi jonathgreen,

    Please see the following post regarding the menu order of pages:



    Thanks for the answer Josh! Pages are now correctly ordered.


    Kenneth John Odle


    About the LinkedIn icon: all these top bar icons need to be 32×32 pixels. Try using the icon from here and it should fit. (Be sure to store this on your own server.)





    Thanks for the link, I’ll try the new icons as soon as I will be able to access to the options again


    Syahir Hakim


    After the browser stops loading, can you try right-click and select “View source” and tell us what you see there?



    I see the source code of the page, I’ve managed to copy it in a document (it was difficult becaue the browser crashes a few moment after the opening of the page). I send you the document by mail.



    Are you using a child theme?


    Syahir Hakim


    Would you mind giving me access to the WP Admin? It’s difficult to troubleshoot the problem when we can’t even see what we’re dealing with. You can send the login details using the contact form on my site:



    Are you using a child theme?

    No i’m not, i have sent you my codes

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