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    First-thank you for all of your work on this theme. I have installed it on two websites and I am having the same problems on both of them:

    1-I have installed the tracking code for Google Analytics in the Graphene Options Panel, but Google insists that the code is not installed.

    2-Enabled the Header Widget-but nothing appears whether there is custom css code in the options panel or not.

    3-I have entered the URL for the favicon but nothing appears

    4-In the first and second sidebar area; if I place more than two widgets there, only two will show. I have not managed to get a widget to show in the second widget area.

    There are several plugins that are installed:

    W3Total Cache

    Datafeedr Rotating Ads (for the sidebar and header widget areas)

    Spam Free WordPress

    Digital Quill Multifeed

    Google Adsense

    Contact 7 Form

    which are all necessary to the functions of the blog so deactivating them is not an option. I would really appreciate your help in resolving these issues.

    The URLs where your theme is installed: and

    Thanks again,



    Kenneth John Odle


    1. Did you install the entire code, or just the subscriber number (or whatever they call it these days)? GA will not say it’s installed until it crawls your site again or you tell it to check.

    2. What CSS are you using to style the header widget area? And what kind of widget are you installing there? A text widget?

    3. I see this for a favicon:

    Try emptying your server cache and refreshing your browser.

    4. Are you using alternate front page widgets? Which widgets are you trying to install? It may be that the Datafeedr Rotating Ads plugin is conflicting. Try disabling it temporarily and seeing if things work.

    which are all necessary to the functions of the blog so deactivating them is not an option.

    Not necessarily true. Not all plugins are compatible with each other (and some are just wonky–don’t get me started about the All in One SEO pack plugin), so you won’t be able to use them. But there are alternatives.

    W3Total Cache

    WP comes with WP Super Cache, which hasn’t caused any issues that I’ve seen.

    Spam Free WordPress

    Akismet is designed by the same people who created WP, and it has nearly seamless integration with WP. And it is highly effective.

    Google Adsense

    Graphene has this function built in. There’s no need to use a plugin for this.

    Contact 7 Form

    You can always create a contact form using pure HTML, but if you’re not handy with coding, there are lots of other contact form plugins.

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