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    I´m new comer on these subjects, and I´ve a problem with the Social Sharing.

    Let me try to explain, I´ve installed the Add This plugin.

    First I don´t konw out to feed the preview image (or the image inside) of the post to Facebook. It simply doesn´t appears on the Feed. It also happens when I try to share.

    Meanwhile I tried to overpass these problem setting the buttons of social sharing into every posts, and the images starts to appears in the feeds. Nevertheless it counts the all sharings of the site, not of the post.

    How can I manage the situation?

    Thanks for your help.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Link to your site?

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    Sorry didn´t understand your question.



    I probably didnt make me clear, I will try to explain better.

    I´ve installed the Adthis plugin, when I choose to enable the sharing tool at the Bottom of posts, the tool count correctly the shares, but it doesn’t display either the thumbnail or an image/video. It only shows the content.

    I’ve tried to overcome the problem setting the sharing tool before the post content. After this when it shares it display the thumbnais from the site, but it counts equal to the different posts. The first post has the same shares that the last post (it´s counting the page shares). It´s not a good solution.

    It is probably a simple issue, nevertheless i’m can’t solve it.

    Let me thank your in advance for all your support .

    The site is


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