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    Does anyone know of any plugin”s that don’t work with the Graphene mobile theme? Just trying to think of a way to save a little bit of time. 2 of my sites run fine with the mobile theme, but i have one that won’t work and I’m guessing it’s a plugin issue.

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    Kenneth John Odle

    Does anyone know of any plugin”s that don’t work with the Graphene mobile theme?

    This question is really impossible to answer. There are thousands of plugins available, and while two plugins may work well when used independently, they may have conflicts when used together.

    The only way to really figure out if you have a plugin conflict going on is to disable all your plugins, flush your browser and server caches, and then reactivate your plugins one at a time, flushing caches as you go until you find the one that is causing the problem.

    This post may help:

    As may this one:


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your question made me think about math for a moment.

    Right now, there are 37,681 plugins available from the official WordPress plugin repository. (This does not include custom plugins or commercial plugins.)

    If you installed just 10 plugins (which is a reasonable number), the total number of combinations possible would be (37,681!) / (37,681-10)!(10!). Doing the math, that gives us 1.58 x 10^39 possible combinations. That’s 158 followed by 37 zeroes!

    Yup, it gets complicated quickly.



    OH I understood there was thousands about thousands, I just didn’t know if there were any specific plugins that anyone found that caused a problem. I was just hoping for something that could possibly eliminate the problem quickly was all. Thank you for replying though


    Syahir Hakim


    What are the plugins you’re using in the site with the issue that you are not using on the other two sites?

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