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  • Laurentina



    I’m developing a Web site for a School in Portugal, and I’m using graphene theme, it seems very nice and easy to work.

    But now I have a problem with menu and submenu items:

    -I create pages and subpages, changing the order and the father

    -It seems right but when I click on one item of menu1, next I can’t access the other items of the same menu. I must click on the other menu to have again the items of menu1.

    -To try to solve these problem I make a menu in the menu theme but don’t change anything

    For instance, I have the menus(in portuguese):




    Conselho Pedagogico

    When I click in CAP, after I don’t see the submenu Agrupamento, I must click in Inicio and after the other item of Agrupamento menu.

    How I can change this?

    Actually I’m working at my personal computer.





    I have seen the same issue with menu en sub menu. It shows sofar i can see with IE-7 and not with IE-8 or safari. My numbering of the menus is: 2-21-22;3-31-32-33-34;4;5. 4 menu items and two with submenus. Maybe it is the numbering. I changed the numbering to: 2-3-4; 5-6-7-8-9;10;11. It is no problem with safari. Tomorrow i will know if there is an effect on IE-7.



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Laurentina and Sjaak,

    Thanks for reporting and verifying this bug. Seems that it only happens in IE7 and not in the other browsers. Try adding this code in the theme’s style.css file:

    #menu li:hover, #menu li.sfhover{

    It fixed the bug for me, let me know if it works for you too.



    Thanks for this fix! I had the same problem on

    In IE 8, the dropdown menu for Educational Offerings was not visible when trying to access it from any child page within that section.

    I added this line to the style sheet and it works great now.





    Thanks to all

    I will put the code in the style.css, maybe it result. I´m realy using IE7.


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