PRoblems with Home PANES

  • raulgc



    I’m sorry but I have a problem with the Panes of the Hompage. The thumbnails are tinny! I don’t know why and I can’t upload the new picture in the header beacuse only I can upload the size 60×198 I don’t know why neither…So this problem exist since I have uploaded the version.

    The website is:

    If you cna say me what is the problem…I will be very gratefull. Thanks!



    Syahir Hakim


    For the header image size issue please see this topic:

    After resolving that, use the AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plugin to regenerate the thumbnails for your site. Your home page panes thumbnails should be sized properly after that.




    Thanks I’m gonna to try it!

    If you can resolve other question…Why when I’m uploading a picture but is a big file, I can’t do it, but if I try with other them I can it. I don’t understand.

    Thanks dude!


    ..Why when I’m uploading a picture but is a big file, I can’t do it..,

    Try this plugin – Resize images before upload

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