Problems specifying Google font for .sidebar h3

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    Hi there

    I’m trying to customise the header font for .sidebar h3 in the Custom CSS pane to a Google web font, and it’s not working.

    When I try the following in Firefox Developer as a test, it works beautifully:

    .sidebar h3 {
    font: 18px/20px "Eagle Lake", arial, sans-serif;

    But it is not working when I enter it into Custom CSS.

    I have tried it using single quotes and using variations on Eagle Lake, cursive, because what is working in my other code areas is:

    .entry-content h3,
    .entry-content h3 a {
    font: 14px 'Eagle Lake', cursive

    I’ve got the site behind a Coming Soon so it’s not available to view, apologies. Any help is appreciated!

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